pergoTEC chip removal

pergoTEC offers an extensive portfolio of the highest quality, from chip removal to construction as well as from mechanical to electromechanical devices.
Through CNC milling and turning we are able to machine all current materials like aluminium, stainless steel, plastics and titanium. Our modern CNC machines turn everything into the right shape.

Naturally we can also mount the resulting pieces into complex and high-precision construction groups and final products.

Chip removal and construction have grown into our core competencies.
Through our state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing technology we can ensure the highest quality and short processing times.

Basic – our strength

Basis - Unsere Stärke

With our expertise we offer:

  • production of customized products
  • chip removal with the highest precision

Flexible – tailored to your requirements

Flexibel - nach Wunsch

We produce according to your demands:

  • from prototype to serial production
  • from small to medium-sized batches
  • from standard parts to specific turn and mill parts
  • based on drawings or specimen

Our markets

pergoTEC - Unsere Märkte

Our clients can be found in the following markets:

  • mechanical engineering
  • medical technology
  • aviation and aerospace industry
  • robotic and automation technology
  • wind energy
  • shipbuilding